Ślęża Mountain (aka Silesian Olimp, Holy Mountain)


This picturesque mountain is a well known landmark of Silesian region. You can see it from Wrocław when a sky is clear -  it is a short drive from there. Its unique cultural and natural values attracts a lot of tourists from that area. Its siluette is recognasibinle, marked with TV and radio mast on top, elevating above the surrounding plains. The mountain and its surrounding form the protected area called Ślęża Landscape Park.  


Well known from centuries, as a place of prehistoric cult and place of pagan solar worship (til early medieval times). It was believed then that the top of this mountain is inhabited by gods, hence its common name - Silesian Olimp. 


Augustinians probably arrived around 1140 and they built a church and a monastery at the very top of the mountain. The present church dates from the mid-nineteenth century. 


On the top of the mountain there is  PTTK ( Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society) tourist Mountain hut.  

During a good weather  you can see the entire panorama of Lower Silesia.


Railway station in Ołdrzychowice Kłodzkie (Lower Silesia, Kłodzko County)


Poland, home to numerous cultural monuments. Being the meeting point between east and western Europe, it has been influenced by artists and architectures from all over, enjoying unique and eclectic styled buildings. 

Unfortunately, due to political and economical reasons, many of those beautiful monuments have been forgotten, and with them....the story of a nation.  

It is times like these that we must do the uncommon things, the unpractical....the romantic. We must save them from falling apart. REMEMBER! So our children, and their children, will be able to look back at the road that we have taken. For what is life without memories?  

Our family have always been fascinated by trains. This magnificent invention that has so much to do with human history. For better and sometimes for the worst. 

Over the last century, many small and beautiful stations have been built across the country, blending in the mountainous surrounding them and bringing people together.  

We were lucky enough to be able to buy a crumbling station, moments before it was too late.  

We would like to share with you the story and the renovation process.

For those of you who wish to take part in the project, please feel free to contact. Help is always appreciated.  

Short history:  

Due to decline in the importance of railways in the 1990s and decrease in demand for PKP S.A. (Polish State Railways) services many railway lines were closed. Some of unused facilities were put up for sale by PKP nowadays.  

One of them is a small railway station of the Kłodzko–Stronie Śląskie railway line,  located in Ołdrzychowice Kłodzkie (German: Ullersdorf). 

The location of the station in this mountainous area, the influence of 19th-century architectural trends referencing regional building traditions, and the influence of the Art Nouveau style led to the creation of object of high architectural value which perfectly matched the landscape.  

We have been able to stop the building from falling apart by strengthening the structure and replacing the entire roof covering to prevent water damage.  

In the pictures below you will be able to see the beginning of the transformation. With some luck and some help, we hope to have an open gallery there one day:-)  

We hope you'll enjoy the pictures. 

If you have any questions regarding restoration, please feel free to contact us.  

Until next time...