Szombierki Power Plant in Bytom (Silesian Province)


Szombierki Power Plant in 2014

Szombierki Power Plant in Bytom (Ger. Kraftwerk Oberschlesien) - this amazing industrial building because of its monumentality, dark charm and not typical beauty is very often called an industrial cathedral.

Szombierki Power Plant

100 years has passed since the one of the biggest power plants in this part of Europe was built. What a century it was! This amazing modernist structure was opened in 1920 and designed by famous German architects Georg and Emil Zillmann.  In the 1940s power plant was able to generate 100 MW. With some necessary equipment improvements, it was working until 2011. Due to changes in the technology, the structure stop being used in designed way and the dark times has begun... They were some attempts to revive the object but not very successful. In 2020 Szombierki Power Plant was placed on the list of Europe's 7 Most Endangered Heritage Sites (

Szombierki Power Plant

What to do with such a huge structure? It is definitely worth protection but it is extremely difficult to find a new function. Maintenance of such a big industrial building costs enormous amount of money. It was planned to create here an educational, cultural, museum and entertainment center but for a few years we cannot see any progress there...

We hope this industrial treasure will have a bright future.

Szombierki Power Plant

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