Ślęża Mountain (aka Silesian Olimp, Holy Mountain)


This picturesque mountain is a well known landmark of Silesian region. You can see it from Wrocław when a sky is clear -  it is a short drive from there. Its unique cultural and natural values attracts a lot of tourists from that area. Its siluette is recognasibinle, marked with TV and radio mast on top, elevating above the surrounding plains. The mountain and its surrounding form the protected area called Ślęża Landscape Park.  


Well known from centuries, as a place of prehistoric cult and place of pagan solar worship (til early medieval times). It was believed then that the top of this mountain is inhabited by gods, hence its common name - Silesian Olimp. 


Augustinians probably arrived around 1140 and they built a church and a monastery at the very top of the mountain. The present church dates from the mid-nineteenth century. 


On the top of the mountain there is  PTTK ( Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society) tourist Mountain hut.  

During a good weather  you can see the entire panorama of Lower Silesia.


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